Carol Everett

Former Abortionist: Carol Everett

Former Occupation: Owner of 5 abortion clinics

Place: Dallas, Texas, USA


In 1973, shortly after abortion was legalized, Carol Everett found herself pregnant with her third child. She was very excited to tell her husband, however he was not happy about it and told her to have an abortion. When she turned to her friend and doctor for support, he offered to do an illegal abortion in the state of Texas, which they did. She was looking for someone to tell her not to have the abortion, but she ran into an abortion salesman. Carol Everett says that this is what happens in our nation today.

After her abortion, Ms. Everett's life began to fall apart. She had an affair, started to drink and eventually left her husband and began seeing a psychiatrist. Once she got a hold of herself, she went to work for a medical supply company, which led her into the abortion industry. She worked for an abortionist for awhile, but when he wouldn't allow her to share in his wealth she was partially responsible for, she opened her own clinics.

Testimony of Carol Everett

We opened our clinic and the first month we did 45 abortions. The last month I was there, with two clinics functioning in the Dallas area, we did over 500 abortions a month in that clinic. I was compensated at the rate of $25.00 per case plus one-third of the clinics, so you can imagine what my motivation was. I sold abortions. I had made $150,000; was on target in 1983 to make $260,000; and when we opened our five clinics, I would have been taking home about a million dollars a year. I expected to make more than that after we were functioning.

At the time we were planning to open the five clinics there were some problems between the partners. We decided to call in a business counsellor and worked with him for thirty days. It turns out this man was a preacher. He told me that God had sent him because there was someone in there that the Lord wanted out. I left in 27 days.

I'm sure you've seen those numbers advertised that say "Problem Pregnancy," "Abortion Information," or "Pregnant?". When a young girl finds out she is pregnant, she may not want an abortion, she may just want information. But when she calls that number that's paid for by abortion money, what kind of information do you think she is going to get? Remember, they sell abortions. They don't sell keeping the baby. They don't sell giving the baby up. They don't sell delivering the baby in any form. They only sell abortions. The counsellor that the girl speaks to on the telephone is paid to be her friend. She is supposed to seduce her into a friendship of sorts to sell her the abortion.

There are usually two questions the girls ask. 

The first is: Does it hurt? "Oh, no. Your uterus is a muscle. It's a cramp to open it: a cramp to close it; it's a slight cramping sensation. Everybody's had cramps - every woman in the world." 

Then they ask: Is it a baby? "No, it's a product of conception; it's a blood clot; it's a piece of tissue." 

When the girl goes in for the abortion she pays up front then goes into a room for counselling. They give her a 6 to 12 page form. This form is written by an abortion attorney to confuse the girl to death. It works and she doesn't ask any questions. She goes back to the two questions: Does it hurt? Is it a baby?

I cannot tell you one thing that happens in an abortion clinic that is not a lie. I've never been able to come up with the words to describe the abortion procedure. There are no words to describe how bad it really is. It kills the baby. I've seen sonograms with the baby pulling away from the instruments that are introduced into the vagina. And I've seen D&Es through 32 weeks done without the mother being put to sleep. Yes, they are very painful to the baby. But, yes they are very, very painful to the woman. I've seen six people hold a woman on the table while they did the abortion.

After the abortion, the girls are brought to the recovery room where there are two reactions. 

The first is: "I've killed my baby". It amazed me that it was the first time they called it a baby and the first time they called it murder. That is probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and move on.

The second reaction is: "I am hungry. You have kept me in here for four hours and you told me I'd only be here for two. Let me out of here". She is running from her abortion. She is not dealing with it; she's choosing to deny it. They say it's now an average of five years before people actually deal with the fact that, yes, they did kill their baby.

The girls that walk out of there are the lucky ones. We were seeing over 500 abortions per month and doing one-day second and third trimester abortions. We didn't use the laminaria, we did all the dilation on that one day and we were seeing a tremendous amount of complications.

Yes, we had a death. 

A 32-year old woman with a 17-year-old son and a 2-year-old son. Never made the papers. Her boyfriend felt guilty for his part in the abortion and he didn't want to deal with it. Her family thought, yes, she had probably had an abortion ,but they didn't want to deal with it. It never came out. No lawsuit.

Then there was the girl who the doctors decided had a fibroid tumor at the back of her uterus. That's a highly common tumor that's very rarely malignant. The two doctors decided they were just going to pull it out after her abortion. They didn't know they were pulling on the back of her uterus, and they pulled the uterus out wrong-side-out of a 21-year-old; she had a hysterectomy.

Every time you [pro-life activists] are standing in front of the clinic you are holding a light on inside that clinic. You are holding those people accountable. That day they are less likely to do an abortion on the woman who is not pregnant, or the woman who is too far along. The abortionist who brags about doing eight, ten, even twelve abortions an hour will slow down. He's afraid of you.