Dr. Patti Giebink

Former Abortion Doctor : Patti Giebink

Former Occupation: Abortion Doctor

Place: Planned Parenthood, South Dakota

Testimony of Patti Giebink

Patti Giebink was is a board certified OB GYN in South Dakota. In the YouTube video below, she stands in a former Planned Parenthood facility describing what happened there.

Giebink states that she has performed abortions. "We've learned that abortion hurts women. That women are more likely to have a preterm delivery following an elective abortion. They're more likely to have depression and suicide. There are serious risks of having elective abortions. Some women NEVER get over it. Women develop problems going through this elective procedure and I think in a woman's heart she knows that's a unique human being. It's not just a piece of tissue."

She continues: 

I was guilty of adding to that concept because that's what I explained. I said it's just a piece of tissue. I could not allow myself to think of that as a unique human being, as a life, because obviously the next train of thought was I'm killing a life!