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Australian women tells of abortion horror

In October 2011, it was reported through the Australian news agency, The Age, that a doctor was under investigation after performing an abortion on a seriously ill woman.

Six weeks previous to that, the body of 40-year-old Pheap Sem, who emigrated to Australia twenty years previously and a mother of four, lay barely alive in an intensive care bed at Box Hill Hospital, her body racked with multiple organ failure.

Ms Sem had arrived at the emergency department on August 18 in a critical condition following a late-term abortion performed by one of Melbourne's most controversial doctors, Mark Schulberg. Ms Sem's case has sparked the third investigation in six years into the clinic, now Marie Stopes Maroondah, but formerly the Croydon Day Surgery.

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Marie Stopes in Zambia

It was reported in the Times of Zambia The nation of Zambia has banned Marie Stopes International from performing abortions after discovering the NGO committed 490 illegal abortions in five months. The Abortions Act of 1972 permits abortion only to save the life of the mother, a condition that must be certified by three doctors.

According to the newspaper report, Marie Stopes International performed 490 abortions from January until May with the approval of the same doctor. Mike Chisha authorized 430 abortions in Nakonde, 30 in Kasama and another 30 in Mpika in the nation’s Northern and Muchinga provinces.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba indicated Marie Stopes International was performing abortions for the sake of convenience, unwanted pregnancy, or economic concerns.

“The management has been ordered to suspend abortion services immediately,” said Health Minister Joseph Kasonde during a press conference in the nation’s capital of Lusaka. “However, the rest of the services may continue, and the organization may continue to operate in the country.”

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia’s Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza, said as a Christian nation, Zambia should adhere to the Bible’s teaching on the sanctity of life. Abortion, he said, harms both mother and child.

He noted the illegal abortions the government had uncovered took place in remote areas, implying a higher proportion of such procedures take place in urban areas.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported earlier this year that, despite its protective law, illegal abortions are readily available in the nation for as little as $25 (U.S.). The news service noted these were often performed “by Chinese doctors who remain poorly-regulated in the country.”

Zambia’s abortion rate has climbed in recent years, leaving behind familiar guilt and trauma for the survivors.

A 27-year-old post-abortive woman told the radio network, ““I sometimes feel guilty about my decision to abort, but there was nothing I could do, because I just had to do it.”

Another, 23-year-old Juliet Katebe, said, “It was a painful experience and I almost died…I regret the whole process, because now I am told I cannot bear children. I blame my parents for everything.”

In a letter, Mwamba urged Provincial Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda to pursue criminal charges against all parties involved.

Zambian law charges abortionists with murder, which carries a sentence of life in prison or death.

Marie Stopes International operates more than 600 clinics in 42 countries around the world. Their “outreach teams” reach 12,000 remote rural locations and inner city slums.

Source: Lifesitenews and Times of Zambia

Killing Africa: Video exposing Marie Stopes in Africa

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is a UK-based organization that works in 37 countries around the world of which 16 are African countries. 

In their UK practices, they have been riddled with many scandals bordering on malpractice, mismanagement, mistreatment of staff and patients. 

In spite of these scandals in the UK , MSI still gets about £250 million every year from their donor-partners (which include many western governments like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Norway and Denmark ) to further their work in Africa.  In most of these African countries, Abortion is not legal as majority of African populations consider abortion to be an attack on the life of the unborn. 

However, this UK-based abortion organization has set up clinics across the continent under the guise of "family planning". But in practice, there have been reports of industrial-scaled illegal abortion operations.  MSI may also be concealing from their (western) donors, the scope and nature of their unethical (and sometimes inhumane) practices in Africa. This is why we decided to tell the story of the MSI mission in Africa. This is why we needed the world to know about this British organization that may be KILLING AFRICA.