Testimony: Kathy Sparks

Kathy Sparks worked as an assistant in the Hope Abortion Centre where she participated in over 300 abortions.

Kathy now reveals the hidden secrets of the abortion industry. She has seen first-hand what happens when a woman enters an abortion clinic. She knows how staff are trained to encourage and convince women to go through with their abortions; how the tiny bodies of dead babies are disposed of in flushing toilets or in the garbage. 

Lying to mothers, killing babies – it was all part of the day’s work in an abortion clinic. But Kathy began to realise the true nature of what she was doing, and to understand the negative effect it was having on her life. She went through various bouts of drinking and depression which culminated in a suicide attempt. Then she realised she could no longer participate in the murder of innocent children. Kathy Sparks lifts the lid on what really happens in the abortion industry – don’t miss her powerful testimony.