Woman who have died: Anon Abdul -Aal

In early 2010 an Egyptian woman died from a legal abortion that, ironically, was designed to save her life. The woman had the abortion on Saturday, 2nd January, because of complications due to an abnormal pregnancy which saw the unborn child attached to her cervix.

The woman's husband Abdul Aal, said his wife was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night because of vaginal bleeding.

Doctors eventually determined that the unborn child, who was 18 weeks into gestation, had attached to his wife's cervix and posed a risk of immediate death. However, after they performed the abortion, physicians realized they were unable to stop the bleeding.

According to Arab News, the failed abortion resulted in the hospital having to subject the woman to two more surgical procedures, including a hysterectomy.

Doctors then assured Aal that his wife's bleeding had stopped but, when he went to her hospital room to visit her, he found her dead in her hospital bed.

"She was soaked in blood," he told Arab News. "She was very cold. She was lying there dead for a long time and the doctors concealed this from me."

The Department of Health Affairs announced yesterday that it is investigating the abortion after Aal filed a complaint against the unnamed hospital.