Women who have died:  Gabriella Cipolletta

Gabriella Cipolletta, a 20 year old woman has passed away on the 12th January 2016, Naples, Italy.

Gabriella was being treated for a fungus skin infection when she found out about her pregnancy. Ready to keep the baby the doctor adviced her to go through abortion incase the baby would have a disability due to the skin treatement of the Mother.

Gabriella felt pressured to go along with the procedure. Afterall, she was given a recommendation from a doctor and why shouldn’t she trust him?

During the procedure of removing her baby in the Cardelle Hospital in Naples, Italy, Gabriella Cipolletta suffered a massive blood loss and died after going into hypovolemic shock 15 hours after the procedure began.

What she was promised was a quick procedure without any discomforts turned into a deadly outcome for both the Mother and the baby.

R.I.P Gabriella Cipolletta & her baby