Women who have died: Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago, a 38 year old woman decided to get an abortion of her baby that was 13 weeks old.

Maria was sedated and “slept through” the procedure. After the abortion Maria has still not woken up and was left by the abortionist. She was left on the table and an unqualified worker was brought in and she occupied herself with paper work. After a while the worker called another employee to help her dress Maria and move her to the recovery area.The second worker only then noticed that Maria Santiago was “pale and not breathing”.

The abortionist was notified. Coming in she sat her unconscious patient up and began ‘sternum rub’. “No one at clinic (...), had current CPR certification. A crash cart in the hallway was not used and the defibrillator was broken”. Which strictly violates the law.

The ambulance was called and the paramedics were able to reviver her Maria has passed away 2 days later in the hospital.

R.I.P Maria Santiago & her baby