Women who have died: Ying Chen

Ying Chen was a 30 year old woman, who spoke a little english and when she came to make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Rutland a chineese translator had to accompany her. Ying Chen was 16 weeks pregnant.

Ying Chen had a toxic reaction to aesthetic which led to her death. A wrong amount of anaesthesia which was “without knowledge of her safe dosage range or maximum safe dose” administered to her. The ‘doctor’ didn’t have the proper training or qualifications.

In fact, the abortionist Andrew Rutland has been sued many times before for unnecessary surgeries, injuries and deaths. His licence was suspended in 2002 and revoked in 2007. It was just a matter of time where he’ll make another -fatal- mistake.

In 2009 Ying Chen came under his care, after the anaesthesia she went into cardiac arrest and vomited on the abortionist. He tore down his shirt and left the building, leaving his patient to die with another person. There was a “significant delay” in calling the paramedics. When the paramedics arrived, she was having a cardiac arrest and died 6 days later.The abortionist instead of facing his allegations came to terms with the medical board to surrender his licence yet again.R.I.P Ying Chen & her baby.