Women who have died: Jamie Lee Morales

Jamie Lee Morales a 30 year old woman has underwent a 2nd Trimester abortion in order to kill her baby which was 25 weeks old.

The abortionist took one day (even though the standard procedure for late term abortion requires to take at least 2, preferably 3 days.) The abortionist failed to “provide appropriate and timely medical attention” which resulted in tearing her cervix, pierced urine wall and slashed uterine artery.

After the abortion Jamie was bleeding profoundly and the abortionist had to take her for a second procedure to try to stop her bleeding.

Jamie was let out of the clinic after the second procedure , even though she was fainting and was disoriented. Jamie left with her sister but she fell out from the back of the car seat and was found unresponsive. Her sister rushed her to the hospital where she was given 6 units of blood but unfortunately passed away later in the night.

The abortionist has been charged with a second degree manslaughter and pleaded guilty which lessened his prison sentence to 1 to 4 years instead of 15. Furthermore, the abortionist’s attorney claimed that he will be more than likely released before one year passes.