Women who have died: Sharon Bagg

Sharon Bagg, a 28 year old woman underwent a second abortion in the space of 7 months.Sharon was overweight and the abortionist decided to ignore the risks that come with that. During the termination of her 14 week old baby Sharon went into a coma, turning blue after the operation.

The abortionist has delayed Sharon’s resurrection which had led to catastrophic results of brain damage and later, her death. “Inadequate training, failing to monitor carbon dioxide properly and waiting eight minutes before starting a heart massage.” had all led to Sharon’s tragic death. The abortionist had inadequate training, no hospital experience and was under-qualified. And yet, that didn’t stop the largest abortionist provider- Marie Stopes to employ her, or after the death of her patient to fire her or at least rebuke her causing the death of her patient.

Even though the ‘doctor’ described the procedure as ‘smoothly going’, taking only 10 minutes to kill Sharon Bagg’s baby, it took 10 minutes to take an innocent life and few hours to end the life of the mother.

R.I.P Sharon Bagg & her babies